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HD-basierter T-kompatibler Receiver zur Übertragung von HDMI-Signalen bis zu 100 m über ein Ethernet-Kabel.

Connecting an Ethernet cable to the HT-RX01 enables transmission of HDMI signals over a distances of up to 100 meters.*1 This makes it possible to connect video cameras, Blu-ray decks, switchers, and other source equipment to LCD monitors, projectors, and other display devices. In addition to HDMI signals, RS-232C*2 signals can also be transmitted, making it possible to send control signals along with video and audio reducing system wiring.

*1 When making a connection to the HDBaseT connector, use a Cat 5e (Category 5e) or higher shielded LAN cable (shielded twisted pair.STP). Connecting an unsuitable cable might result in a drop in signal quality or interrupted video transmission. Also, using an unshielded LAN cable might cause the unit to malfunction due to accumulated static charge in the cable.
*2 For RS-232C signal input/output, use the included conversion cable (D-Sub 9-pin miniature phone plug).


  • Converts HDBaseT signals to HDMI output
  • Maximum 1080/60p and WUXGA support for HDMI
  • HDCP compliant
  • Capable of RS-232C transmission

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