Amiga Disk Explorer

The Windows application Amiga Disk Explorer is the ideal complement to the SCSI2SD project (SCSI Hard Drive Emulator). With the application users can access an SD card used in connection with SCSI2SD. Users can also access an image file that contains data from such an SD card. An SD card can contain one or more hard disks. These, including their partitions, are displayed in the Disk Explorer and can be both exported and imported as .hdf files. To access the contents of the harddisks, users can mount the .hdf files in the Amiga emulator (e.g. Amiga Forever).

User interface Amiga Disk Explorer


Amiga Disk Explorer can be downloaded below and used free of charge. The Microsoft .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime is required to use this .NET application. If not available, this must be downloaded and installed beforehand.

DISCLAIMER: The software is provided „as is“, without warranty of any kind, express, statutory, implied or otherwise, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or infringement.

Install .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime

.NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime (v5.0.8)Windows x8646.8 MBDownload
.NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime (v5.0.8)Windows x6452.3 MBDownload

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen detects Amiga Disk Explorer as an unrecognized app

If this message appears after starting the executable file, please click on „More info“ and then on „Run anyway“. If the „Run anyway“ button is missing, right click on the AmigaDiskExplorer.exe file and choose Properties. Get into the „General“ tab and there is an unblock option at the bottom. Select the „Unblock“ option and click Ok. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this message. Your PC will not be put at any risk by using this application.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen